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Kinder machen Kunst mit Medien
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A Project with Class 5a at the Hunsrück-Grundschule in Berlin-Kreuzberg

Martina Becker

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Red Dye No. 2
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In the beginning was
......a telefone call: Are you interested in doing a KuBiM Project with the Hunsrück School again this year? In the new school building an installation was to be developed in the hallway.
I had conducted the “Ich bin ich und immer unterwegs“ project in 2003 with the same class. It was a lot of fun for me, as I had the feeling that I was really integrated into a team, in which we all pulled together. All of the participating adults were extremely engaged. At no point did I have the feeling that I had to carry all of the responsibility; that would have also been reflected onto the children.
In the last year, half of two different classes took part in the project. With the children from class 4a, I had a few problems. In particular the boys endlessly tested the borders, were argumentative and were not susceptible to cajoling. The fifth grade class was the opposite – the students were amazed and I could work with them without any problem.
This year, the project should take place with only the „difficult“ class. That didn’t dissuade me. For one thing, the students this year would be in the fifth grade, therefore somewhat riper, and for another thing, insubordinate children usually provoke me… I took it upon myself to pull them in and amaze them.
Both of the class teachers chose the nine students that would take part. Thus I knew the conditions.

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