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How Does One Realize An Animation Film?
translation by Rett Rossi

Children Making Animation Film
von Sigrid Lemm

An animated film can emerge from a small idea and needs perhaps nothing more than a pile of paper, and a pen in order to realize it. It’s the idea that matters not the exquisite materials.
Your idea is your motor, and you need a strong motor, because animated film work requires a lot of patience. You don’t have to be able to draw well. A unique, perhaps sometimes-clumsy line makes your animation film interesting. You should have fun creating it though.

You have to get to know your animation film figures well. How do they look when they cry or when they laugh?

In the end, and I find this especially important, an animation film offers a wonderful opportunity to learn how to deal economically with your resources. When beginning to plan one has to deliberate the following: how much time is available to use, which materials could be used, which technology is available, and how many students are taking part in the project. Every animation film idea can be realized, but the complexity has to be discussed.
An animation film can be integrated into school lessons. Small ideas can be realized in two or three project days.
The more time there is, the more complex the project can be. The story can be developed in German class, the background can be finished in Art class, and during Music class you can integrate recorded music.
Animation film techniques are multi-faceted. You can work with dialogue or totally without it. It is a great art to be able to tell an animated story without using words. Animation cells can be painted, or you can scratch soot-covered windows, you can sit at the light table and draw, figures can be moulded from clay or bent out of wire or you can record a stop motion film directly beneath the camera.

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